Saturday, 28 December 2013

2014- The A* (ok first class) challenge

2014 starts in... 3 days!
and by 10 June 2014 I intend to be on a plane to America having achieved a first class in my degree.
That means i'm going to be putting in a heck of a lot of work over the next few months.

I've just stumbled across : AChic Lifestyle. Sanam challenged herself in September 2013 to achieve straight A*s in her A Levels, having previously achieved Ds and Bs. But she didn't want to go it alone.
That's where I come in.

I have got 6 months to work my ass off and I'll be joining Sanam and a fair few others on the : A* Challenge. For me, that means opening my results in July (upon my return from America) to read that I have achieved over 70% and have obtained a first class honours in my degree. 

Don't get me wrong, I will be over the moon with a 2.1 that's a damn good degree. But why not go all out?

I'm feeling especially motivated today, I wrote 1000 words (not necessarially good words but they weren't nonsense either!) and I am determined to keep that attitude up. I might take my birthday off though.. what do you think?

So, it's written now in black and white. I'll be updating my progress on about 28th of every month and I've already signed up for Sanam's Grade A workbook and started downloading useful apps (and I'm sure I'll use my filofax or two at some point... all in the name of organisation). But I'm also asking that people keep me accountable: nag me!!!! monthly, weekly, daily, hourly ... whatever works. nag me on here or on twitter: @lmgeorge92 and then you can share in my success in July (sorry you can't ALL come to my graduation).

Here we goooooooo

L x

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  1. Yes!! Go Laura, this is awesome! Bleurghhhh I do not have enough motivation for this but I'm really excited for you :):):):)