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Newsletter Number 4

A copy of April's newsletter, becuase i'm too lazy to write a seperate blog!

Laura George
Newsletter #4
April 2011

Hello All!
As per usual, it’s been far too long since I sent out an updated newsletter. I have just finished my Easter Holiday and am about to head back to London, for my last term! Unreal!
Last half term was particularly tough, it was the mid point of the year and it suddenly got really tough. I was home sick, exhausted and unwell, and I think my entire team felt very much the same, which made for some interesting work ethic! Furthermore, my host family was really hit with illness and hospital visits, which was a really traumatic time for us all.
I have really enjoyed my holiday at home, chilling out and spending time with my family. At the same time I am confident that God wants me to be in London for the next term and I am so excited to see what the next three months hold.
I’m sorry I never sent out at Ghana newsletter! It seems so long ago now! For those who haven’t yet been told about my trip please read my blog- or feel free to email me 

Here’s a quick round up of the last  half term:
Schools Work
Following February half term, the first years and Carlie started “in class support” at Addey and Stanhope. This has certainly been a challenge for me, I was placed in a product design class, which is definitely not my forte and for the first three weeks, I felt entirely redundant, although I learnt some interesting things about electricity! However, I seem to have found my niche and I’m particularly working with a boy, who is very capable but will get distracted by just about anything and find any excuse not to do his work. I’m enjoying the hour I get to spend with him and his class mates and I’m really looking forward to them making their LED lights/USB ports next term! They’re a really creative bunch!
Otherwise, schools work is going really well. Lunch club numbers seem to be stablising, though we do always seem to have loads of them at the Wednesday lunch club, which is great and really exciting.
Trinity Tuesday is still my favourite day of the week, even though it’s a really long day for me! I’m really getting to know a particular group of boys, who are just incredible and it’s really exciting to see them coming along to lunch club and live lounge and getting involved. I think it’s going to be really hard to say goodbye to them at the end of the school year!

Estate Work
Due to a few changes and illness, I’ve been helping the Greenwich team on one of their estates on Thursday afternoons. This has been an amazing opportunity to spend time with another team and see the work their doing. “X Factor” is an after school club for 7-11 years old (with some younger ones) in an estate community centre. It’s pretty much silly games, craft, table tennis, board games, colouring, biscuits and squash! But it’s so much fun and I’ve already developed some great relationships with the young people and one parent whose kids started the same week as I did! I’m really excited to be staying there for longer this year as I’m really enjoying the work there!

Church Work
I love my church youth group! We had our second (and last) youth service earlier this half term. The week leading up to it was really, really hectic and stressful, but as per usual, the service was spot on. And I was very, very proud of my youth people. The girl I mentor preached with me, and despite nerves and days of “Laura, I can’t do this, I’m going to be sick” she did an incredible job and I was impressed by her clarity and excitement about the message we were trying to put across, she even ad libbed at one point, bonus points!
We’re also seeing some major changes in the fortnightly cell group, which until recently were a nightmare and stressed me out no end! We seem to have found a really great focus and we’re getting amazing feedback and I’m really impressed with the development of each and every young people.
Again, I don’t quite know how I’m going to say goodbye to my church and the young people and I’m so grateful to be spending Soul Survivor with them all as a proper goodbye. God is truly building up a new generation in Brockley.

Arts Showcase
At the beginning of April, we had the Lewisham Art’s showcase. This is where we audition young people in schools and the best go forward to a showcase on a Saturday night and the top three also go through to the London Final in July. It was an incredible couple of weeks of rehearsals, auditions, organization and preparation. The day itself was busy and long but so amazing. I still buzz every time I think about it, such a highlight of my year and incredible to see how much talent there is in the young people of Lewisham. I can’t wait for the final. If anyone is interested, the final will be July 2nd in a London Theatre. The more people the merrier.
For more arts showcase details. See my blog!

My last course fee’s are due this week. These cover my food, accommodation, travel etc, as well as going towards any costs XLP endure throughout this year and another £200 will hopefully go towards the completion of my NVQ in youth work and theology.
So far this year I have raised nearly £3000 and need perhaps a further, £500 or so in order to raise my total need. If anyone feels they would be able to donate anything, even the smallest amount. Please, please contact me.
I have been so blessed by donations and sponsorship throughout this year and have been totally amazed by God’s provision. Please pray for further providence and also consider if you might be able to help me!

Prayer requests
  • Enthusiasm and energy for the whole team. That we wont become complacent in the work we are doing.
  • Finance- that I will achieve my total funding amount needed.
  • Against illness- I’ve had an awful cold throughout the entire easter holidays. Pray that this won’t cause issues throughout this next term.
  • My host family- against any more hospital visits, and for test results, health and happiness.
Thank you
With love & Blessings
Laura xxxx

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